Chemical Logistics
(Singapore, Malaysia)

We are a recognized leader and one of the largest service providers in the chemical logistics service industry in Singapore. LTH Logistics, our subsidiary, was founded in 1979 and is the dedicated chemical logistics warehousing, distribution and solutions provider that handles both chemicals and its derivatives in Singapore and Malaysia.

Chemical Logistics (Singapore, Malaysia)
Prime Movers
ISO tanks
Warehousing space of over 10,000 pallet positions for DG cargoes

Our Core Business Activities include:

  • Chemical warehouse
  • Bulk liquid chemical transportation
  • Extensive fleet of FM-licensed chemical tankers and trucks
  • ISO tank and container haulage services
  • Chemical drumming and decanting
  • On-site plant logistics management
  • Emergency recovery services
  • Safety escort services
  • Transport route risk assessment

Our Malaysia fleet of vehicles provide cross border trucking between Singapore and West Malaysia, principally through Tuas and Tanjung Kupang.

LTH is a member of the Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC). As part of its Responsible Care programme and continuous improvement philosophy, we are strongly committed to health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance. Our HSE initiatives, robust systems & procedures, intensive training and development are a result of the immense experience garnered from working with a strong and established customer base.

We collaborate and work closely with other critical stakeholders such as government agencies and business partners to introduce safeguards and ensure compliance to local regulatory requirements.

We operate 2 Chemical/DG warehouses in Singapore:

121 Banyan Drive, Jurong Island Petrochemical Hub
  • Integrated 6-storey ramp-up VNA warehouse for dangerous and non-dangerous chemicals warehouse
  • The only DG warehouse specifically built for bromine storage in ISO-tank
  • Open and sheltered storage yard for storage of both DG and non-DG goods in ISO-tank containers. Largest DG ISO tanks storage outside port area
  • Meet SCDF SS 532 Standards
  • DG & non-DG drumming for chemicals
146 Gul Circle, Jurong
  • Multi-storey ramp-up warehouse for DG and non-DG storage
  • Trailer parking at roof top
  • VNA DG warehouse
  • DG and non-DG drumming for chemicals
  • Meet SCDF SS 532 Standards