From start to finish, we will manage your records and this includes identifying, classifying, securing, storing, or final secured disposing of records. For this purpose, we have designed and built our Records Management Centre as a dedicated facility for managing records cartons and contents.

We also provide island wide pick-up and delivery, daily and consistently. Managing the information is our Records Management System, which generates unique barcode labels for each client, hence, clients can easily deposit and track their records with us.

We provide end to end records management services including but not limited to:

  • Long term document storage at our purpose built secured Records Management Centre
  • Provision of Heavy Duty Archive Boxes including Barcodes and Seals
  • Web based access to Records Management System
  • Packing and Indexing services
  • Island wide pickup and delivery
  • Tracking capability of each record stored on carton/file level
  • Digitization of documents
  • Secured destruction of Documents